The Poco F1 is set to hit Europe

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Published on: 27 Aug 2018

Last week, Xiaomi shook the smartphone world with the launch of its new device, the Poco F1. We’re massive fans of the F1, as it may very well be the enthusiast’s ideal phone—a combination of performance-oriented, no-nonsense specifications and an unbeatable US$300 price tag making it one of the candidates for phone for the year. Xiaomi is set to bring the F1 over to Europe on August 29 but fans of the device in the West may not be thrilled.

The F1 that will be sold in Europe will likely be the exact same model sold in India, although there’s a chance the European model sees a few extra LTE bands. What makes it an unexciting launch—relative to the Indian model—however, is its price tag. According to Roland Quandt, the F1 will be sold in Europe with a heavier 399 Euros MSRP. For some perspective, the base F1 in India has an MSRP that translates to about 260 Euros. That represents a hefty 50% price differential across both markets.

Pocophone, Poco F1

There are reasons for that, of course. Most notable would be the fact that Xiaomi manufactured the F1 in India, so production costs would be much lower. The company would have to pay to transport the devices to Europe. There’s also the fact that the EU has some hefty product taxes and other such costs that must be factored in.

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