Welcome to Mobimax EU

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Published on: 24 Aug 2018

Welcome to Mobimax EU!

We are glad to announce that we are now officially launched.

Welcome to Mobimax EU!

Mobimax EU is a fairly new platform, with big ambitions and commitment to become one of the leading E-commerce websites delivering premium smartphones to the EU countries (and potentially few more around the globe).

We will use this section to write reviews, tips, tricks, advices, comparation for our new and existing products. Our intention is to write review for each Xiaomi and OnePlus smartphones that we are selling. It is our way of taking care for our current and future customers, by presenting you the pros and cons of every item. We want our customers to be informed what they are buying, because we believe in fair play policy from one hand, and customer satisfaction on the other.

This Blog is intended for everyone who knows how to recognize quality instead of quantity. From technical students, developers, YouTubers, gamers, media members to everyone who is interested in the newest smartphone inventions.

Got a burning question? Got an idea for a future topic on this blog?

Feel free to send us your enquiry at

Thank you,
The Mobimax EU Team.

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